August 05, 2021 | by The Level Ex Team

Win a Chance to be in Top Derm! Play the Dr. Lio Challenge

Atopic dermatitis expert Peter Lio, MD, FAAD has designed the ultimate challenge for Top Derms. Play Derm Hero: The Dr. Lio Pack and get a perfect score to win your own Challenge Pack and appear in the game, too!

How to Enter

  1. Download Top Derm FREE and create your account (also free!).
  2. Log into Top Derm any time between 8/5 11am ET/10am CT and 8/9 11am ET/10am CT.
  3. Get 100% of the questions correct in Derm Hero: The Dr. Lio Pack and be automatically entered into the contest.*
  4. Return Friday 8/13 at 1pm ET/12pm CT when we’ll announce the winner in game and on social media!

* One 100% completion entry per person

top derm hero contest faq terms

FAQs and Contest Terms

Q: What is the Challenge Pack called? A: The Challenge Pack to play is called Derm Hero: The Dr. Lio Pack.

Q: What are dates you can play the Pack to be entered into the Challenge? A: The challenge will be live from Thursday, August 5th at 11am ET/10am CT to Monday, August 9th at 11am ET/10am CT.

Q: How can I be entered into the drawing? A: To enter the Challenge’s drawing for the Grand Prize of appearing in your own Top Derm Challenge Pack, you must create a free account to unlock Derm Hero: The Dr. Lio Pack, and earn a 100% on the pack’s questions by Monday 10am CT.

Q: What if I do not get a 100% on the Pack on the first time I play? Can I play again? A: Yes! You can play as many times as you would like until you get a 100%.

Q: What if I play multiple times and earn a 100% score multiple times? Will I receive multiple entries into the drawing of the Grand Prize? A: You may play Derm Hero: The Dr. Lio Pack as many times as you would like. However, you will only receive 1 entry into the Grand Prize drawing, no matter how many times you earn a 100% on the pack.

Q: What exactly is the Grand Prize? A: The winner of the Challenge will receive the opportunity to appear in a Top Derm Challenge Pack: The winner’s name and photo will go in the game as the face of a new Challenge Pack. The winner will earn the option of selecting the imagery for the pack’s icon and the opportunity to select the pack’s title. The pack will consist of 5 questions total. If the winner would like to be further involved, the winner will be given the option of creating their own content or choosing the topics they would like showcased in the pack. The winner’s challenge pack will be playable for all Top Derm members!

Q: How will the winner get the prize? A: Once the winner is chosen, contacted, and accepts the prize, the winner and Level Ex will work together to schedule the winner’s appearance in Top Derm!

Q: When will the winner be announced? A: The winner will be announced in-game on Friday, August 13th at approximately 12pm CT/1pm ET

Q: If I am attending the AAD Summer Event, can I play the Challenge in person? A: Yes! Level Ex will have a booth at the AAD Summer Event (booth #1008 under “Top Derm by Level Ex”). You may play Top Derm and participate in The Dr. Lio Challenge at our booth. You can download Top Derm, create a free account, and play the pack. If and when you score a 100% on the Challenge, you will then be automatically entered for the Grand Prize. You can also discuss the Challenge and Top Derm with Level Ex employees at our booth.

Q: If I win the Grand Prize, will I receive a monetary prize? A: No. The prize is a virtual prize and no money will be awarded or exchanged. Your chosen Pack image and name (and if you so choose, content) will be featured front and center in Top Derm, reaching thousands of fellow dermatologists and HCPs. Your Pack image and name will also be promoted across various media channels for additional exposure.

Q: If I win the Grand Prize and opt not to accept the prize, will I receive an alternate prize? A: No. Should the winner opt to not accept the prize, Level Ex reserves the right to choose another winner. No alternative prize will be awarded.

Q: Must I reside in the U.S. to win the Grand Prize? A: No. Anyone can participate in the Challenge, U.S. domestic and international.

Download Top Derm to play!

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