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The top minds come together to advance the practice of medicine through play. Our advisors and partners play crucial roles in driving our mission forward and deepening our impact. These esteemed collaborators power our work and help us push the boundaries of what’s possible in healthcare.

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Level Ex’s community of hundreds of forward-thinking advisors and contributors across dozens of specialties join forces to advance the practice of medicine through video game technology and design.

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The top medical societies, healthcare institutions, and organizations like the Translational Research Institute for Space Health—funded by NASA, count on Level Ex to accelerate their medical training and adoption of new skills and guidelines. Together, we’ve built first-of-their-kind simulations, conducted illuminating efficacy studies and research, and engaged hundreds of thousands of clinicians.

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Our Players

Want to practice performing edge-of-your-seat surgeries from your phone? Learn to recognize rare and underrepresented skin conditions from anywhere, anytime? Our games are played by over one million medical professionals and are proven to hone medical skills and decision-making.

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