November 10, 2020 | by The Level Ex Team

Level Ex® Announces First Multi-User Cloud Gaming Platform for Remote HCP Engagement

Commercial solutions empower life sciences companies to engage with healthcare providers through remote sales detailing and virtual peer-to-peer experiences

CHICAGO (November 10, 2020)Level Ex, creator of industry-leading medical video games for physicians, is changing how life sciences companies engage and educate healthcare professionals in virtual settings with the launch of HuddleUp™ by Level Ex, a virtual peer-to-peer physician gaming platform, and Level Ex Remote Sales Detailing Games. These two new commercial solutions are powered by the company’s cloud gaming platform, Level Ex Remote Play™. The tailored experiences leverage the proven neuroscience of video game design to drive active physician learning, knowledge transfer, and brand recall.

When all major in-person events and meetings were abruptly canceled, brands lost their strategic ability to market to and educate healthcare professionals in a live setting, both one-on-one and as a peer-to-peer group. Simultaneously, healthcare professionals—who were once able to network with colleagues and representatives at peer-to-peer events and other in-person gatherings—lost a vital, interactive, learning experience that web conferencing cannot provide on its own.

HuddleUp: Multiplayer Gaming for Peer-to-Peer Education
The first virtual, multiplayer, peer-to-peer education platform, HuddleUp brings KOLs and up to eight healthcare professionals together from across town or across the country to interact in a fun and collaborative way. Neuroscience-based learning is facilitated through clinical strategy, puzzle, and knowledge-based games to educate physicians around any medical scenario. Content can be tailored to disseminate case studies, disease education, treatment management, clinical data, and best practices. HuddleUp events work on phones, tablets, and desktop browsers and run seamlessly on all major web conferencing platforms without compromising visual quality.

Company representatives can instantly create HuddleUp events anywhere globally, allowing users to access a secure, closed environment by clicking on a web link or scanning a QR code—with no app to download or software to install. The events integrate company-approved content, including video, images, and presentation materials, allowing for a 360-degree brand experience.

Remote Sales Detailing Games: One-on-One Collaborative Gaming Experiences
Upleveling the way sales representatives engage healthcare professionals, Level Ex’s Remote Sales Detailing Games offer pharmaceutical companies interactive gaming experiences in which sales representatives and healthcare professionals play through clinical scenarios in real-time over Zoom or the web conferencing solution of their choice. Together, they can diagnose patients, stage diseases, practice dosing a specific drug, and explore treatment paths along a patient journey. These solutions forge more meaningful and memorable connections, deepen the dialog, and extend interactions.

Driven By Cloud Gaming Technology
The underlying technology enabling these products is Level Ex Remote Play™ , the only cloud-based gaming platform in the healthcare industry. Prior to this, cloud gaming technology has only been used for consumer game streaming platforms by companies like Google, Sony, and Microsoft.

“When learning about new pharmaceutical offerings, physicians expect more than a sequence of slides; they want to engage with the products to increase their overall understanding and recall,” said Tom Donnelly, chief revenue officer at Level Ex. “At Level Ex, we are able to use our deep expertise in the video game industry to hit the right balance of reward, frustration, skill, and challenge to maximize dopamine release in the brain, leading to a more profound experience. With these new solutions, we can change how physicians learn, develop skills, and sharpen their critical thinking in a way that has never been done before.”

For the past five years, Level Ex has leveraged its video game expertise to capture the focused attention of more than 700,000 healthcare professionals. Bringing together top talent from the video game industry, including those who have worked on titles such as Call of Duty, Madden, and Words with Friends, the company continues to expand its product offerings to address healthcare industry gaps through video game technology and design. Level Ex works with top pharmaceutical companies across the globe to address brand objectives, build disease awareness, and reinforce treatment decisions.

HuddleUp by Level Ex and Level Ex Remote Sales Detailing Games are now available to the pharmaceutical industry for partnership. To learn more or request a demo, visit

About Level Ex
Level Ex® (a Brainlab company) creates industry-leading video games for physicians. The company uses state-of-the-art video game technology and cognitive neuroscience to capture the challenges of practicing medicine—revolutionizing the way healthcare professionals advance their clinical skills, earn CME, and keep up-to-speed on challenging cases, new medical devices, drug therapies, and clinical best practices. The company’s medical video games run on phones, tablets, and web browsers, and are played by over 700,000 healthcare professionals. Top 20 pharmaceutical and medical device companies, national medical societies, and government organizations including NASA leverage Level Ex’s acclaimed platform for education and training. Find out more at, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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