Try Brand New Covid-19
Interactive Mobile Content

100% Free For Healthcare Providers

  • Navigate COVID-19 patient scenarios in new game levels
  • Based on clinical guidelines & feedback from frontline physicians
  • FREE from the App Store or Google Play in Airway Ex, Cardio Ex, & Pulm Ex

Covid-19 Diagnosis Unit

Free in the Pulm Ex mobile app

  • Successfully identify COVID-19 & differentiate mimicking diseases
  • Sharpen your diagnostic & emergency decision-making skills

Covid-19 Safe Airway Management Unit

Free in the Airway Ex mobile app

  • Manage compromised airways in COVID-19 patients
  • Virtual intubation scenarios help you maximize safety & minimize the risk of spread

Covid-19 Cardiology Unit

Free in the Cardio Ex mobile app

  • Recognize & treat cardiac manifestations of COVID-19 & explore comorbidities
  • Distinguish between COVID-19 induced cardiac complications & similar disease presentations