March 16, 2023 | by The Level Ex Team

Level Ex Partners With Gladskin To Advance Education of Micreobalance® Skincare With Medical Video Games

Companies formally kick off relationship with launch of new eczema-focused video game

CHICAGO, March 16, 2023 — Level Ex today announced it has partnered with Gladskin, the innovative international skincare brand, to create custom, interactive gaming experiences that educate and train medical professionals on the science of endolysin technology and Gladskin’s new product line, GladskinMD, which will be exclusively available through licensed healthcare providers. This partnership brings together leading minds across healthcare and interactive entertainment to achieve a common goal – create better experiences and outcomes for healthcare providers, staff, and patients.

“The groundbreaking science behind Gladskin’s endolysin-based products is both fascinating and crucial to medicine’s ongoing quest to understand and protect the human microbiome,” said Sam Glassenberg, founder and CEO, Level Ex. “To achieve rapid adoption of this new category of treatments, it is critical that clinicians gain an intuitive understanding of the associated mechanisms of disease and action. Video games are the best solution to achieve this mental model quickly and efficiently at scale, and we are thrilled to be working with Gladskin on this mission.”

“Traditional medical sales and industry training strategies have failed to adapt to the realities of today’s physicians but Level Ex is changing that,” stated Cheryl Barry, Vice President of Healthcare Professionals at Gladskin. “We’ve been looking for out-of-the-box, creative solutions to cut through the clutter and stay relevant with doctors by finding ways to respect their time and time with patients. Level Ex’s medical gaming expertise is helping us change the dynamic of how we engage with doctors through interactive and educational experiences that are highly accessible at any time of the day, supporting our ultimate goal of doing our part to enhance patient care and outcomes for patients living with inflammatory skin conditions.”

As its first collaboration, Level Ex and Gladskin created a game called Battle of the Biome. Maintaining a healthy skin biome is essential to treating inflammatory skin conditions, like eczema, which often flare up when bacteria on the skin gets out of balance. Leveraging microlearning moments, Battle of the Biome teaches doctors and their staff how GladskinMD’s endolysin technology, Micreobalance®, restores balance to the skin microbiome, needed for skin health. The Battle of the Biome video game uses engaging strategy game mechanics to demonstrate how GladskinMD endolysins selectively target undesired elements of the skin microbiome and maintain biodiversity in the skin for people prone to inflammatory skin conditions. The player is challenged to achieve a healthy microbiome – maintaining a healthy level of microbiota while protecting the skin from the over-colonization of Staphylococcus aureus associated with atopic dermatitis and other inflammatory skin conditions.

Level Ex’s video game solutions accelerate the adoption curve of new therapies using video game technology and design. This enables life sciences companies to increase engagement, education, and ultimately adoption of products, devices, treatments, and therapeutics. Using the Neuroscience of Play, which creates natural dopamine releases during game play to strengthen mental models and enable deeper knowledge retention among users, Level Ex’s games enhance how medical professionals understand, diagnose and treat diseases and conditions. Powered by the healthcare industry’s only cloud-based gaming platform, these solutions allow physicians from multiple locations around the world to collaboratively practice medicine on a virtual patient in the cloud on their phone, tablet or desktop, without the need for any additional hardware.

“Practicing physicians need educational and training tools that are more accessible, more effective and require less of a time commitment because clinical practice is more demanding than ever,” said Dr. Peter Lio, practicing dermatologist, lead physician advisor at Level Ex and advisor for Gladskin. “Medical video games offer just that – a compelling way to disseminate timely, relevant information to busy doctors and staff. After all, doctors enjoy video games too!”

To learn more about this partnership, join Level Ex at booth #1957 and GladskinMD at booth #2413 during the 2023 American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) Annual Meeting taking place in New Orleans, March 17-21.

To demo Battle of the Biome, click here. For more information about Level Ex and Gladskin, please visit and

About Level Ex
Level Ex is the world’s leading medical video game studio. We bring together the best minds across healthcare and interactive entertainment to accelerate the adoption of new skills and treatments in medicine. To learn more, visit our website at

About Gladskin + Gladskin MD
Gladskin is on a mission to improve quality of life for millions of people living with inflammatory skin conditions worldwide using endolysin science. Our medical strength GladskinMD products are designed to balance the skin microbiome and restore skin health. Gladskin is a subsidiary of the European biotechnology company Micreos Group, a Dutch / Swiss biotechnology group that has pioneered the development of phage and endolysin technology as a sustainable alternative to antibiotics. Learn more at

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