January 31, 2022 | by The Level Ex Team

Covid Oscillation Fatigue is Real and Cloud Gaming Can Help

Will the meeting or conference be in person? Will it be remote? Will it be a nail-biting cliff-hanger up until two weeks before?

As Covid continues to wreak havoc on events large and small, this stressful guessing game is fully underway.

At Level Ex, we set up shop at dozens of events each year, and support pharma and medical tech companies at their events at many times that number. Conferences are a big deal. 

In my many encounters with marketers, event planners, and salespeople whose jobs are closely tied to the event cycle, I can confidently say that COVID Oscillation Fatigue is real. 

COVID Oscillation Fatigue is real. 

I sympathize with all of these professionals who spend months architecting a conference plan—booth layouts, approvals, logistics, equipment—biting their nails all the way up until two weeks before the event, when the conference announces it’s going virtual and all of that work goes down the tubes, replaced by a mad scramble to get a digital experience together. 

It doesn’t have to be this way.

A large swath of the healthcare companies Level Ex works with are leading the way with conference experiences that can run just as effectively whether they’re in-person, hybrid or virtual.

It’s all built on cloud gaming technology that doesn’t care what format the conference takes—healthcare’s first and only cloud gaming platform, Remote Play™ .

And as we’ve measured in controlled experiments, game technology can consistently increase traffic and time-in-booth by 3X, and increase opt-in rate for follow-up by 60%.

Game technology can consistently increase traffic and time-in-booth by 3X, and increase opt-in rate for follow-up by 60%

Want to see an example right now? 

Click here. Or snap this QR code on your phone:

You’ll be instantly transported into an example game in the life science genre. In this game, you’re playing with hundreds of thousands of molecules that are simulated in the cloud—and building an intuitive understanding of the mechanisms of action involved in the coagulation cascade (the formation of a blood clot) while you’re at it.

Here’s the best part: grab the URL from the top and paste it onto another window or send it to another device.

Share that link with another person and play it together, or project that link onto a big screen, and control it from your phone.

This is just one example. We’ve seen medical societies set up large screens for attendees to learn and play. We’ve had med tech companies host webinars where multiple physicians practiced a procedure collaboratively

Now, what happens if…

…the conference goes virtual?

No problem. The links and QR codes to the event experience stay exactly the same. There’s no need to flip a switch. There’s no change in price. No matter what online event system the conference is using, it can support a Remote Play™  gaming experience.

And now company representatives have something to do when attendees come to their virtual booth: they can play a game together—exploring collaboratively how their device or treatment works.

…the conference is in-person? 

Any conference attendee can snap the QR code on the booth wall and start playing the game on their own smartphone. They don’t have to share the same booth iPad that 200 people laid their hands on earlier. 

The game can also be projected live onto a big screen in the booth, rallying a crowd of onlookers who are intrigued by the glorious interactive experience unfolding before them. 

…the conference is hybrid?

Combine in-person and hybrid.

So if you find yourself suffering from COVID Oscillation Fatigue, contact us for an even deeper demo of Remote Play™ .

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