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Pulm Ex In-Game Features

  • Unforeseen and rare complications revealed in each bronchoscopy, from foreign object removal to life-threatening and burdensome obstructive and restrictive airway diseases.
  • CME by physician experts: Earn credits by playing select cases.
  • Extreme task training inside sharp recreations of the trachea and bronchial tree.
  • Smooth navigation, full screen immersion, and sophisticated controls.
  • Endless opportunities to perfect technique and skill in thrilling cases submitted by physicians.
  • Lifelike disease presentations and anatomy that moves, bleeds, and reacts to your every decision.
  • Real-time feedback on accuracy, speed, and virtual patient damage.
  • In-app tools to hone your precision and decision-making—forceps, APC, saline administration/suction—plus new medical devices and drug therapies.