Improve and accelerate how clinicians worldwide master your technology, hone skills, and practice procedures

Enabling Simulation Technology

Pulm Ex engaging video game for pulmonologists: Carpenters Conundrum

Level Ex games are built upon technologies that are decades ahead of the rest of the field. Our team has developed an award-winning toolbox of the most realistic real-time simulation and visualization technologies in healthcare. Powered by our proprietary cloud platform and fiercely optimized software, these technologies empower clinicians to perform ultra-realistic virtual surgery on any mobile device, headset, or web browser.

Learn more about our expertise in Robotic Surgical Simulation, Ultrasound, Fluids & Tissues, and Impossible Visualizations and how we can apply this technology in your field.

Powerful Solutions Made For Med Device Companies

Captivate med tech audiences to increase adoption.

Our proven sales enablement, marketing, training, and support solutions improve how clinicians master new technology and procedures. These solutions are proven to scale how leading med device companies captivate clinicians sooner and accelerate adoption more effectively.

Experience It For Yourself

Spine Virtual Technique Guide (VTG) available on any tablet

Put the power of your device or technology into the hands of any clinician, anytime, anywhere with a Level Ex experience powered by Remote Play™ —the first and only cloud-based gaming platform in healthcare.

THE impact


Increase in revenue


Increase in conversions


Increase in device competency


“One of the best reasons to use the Level Ex solutions is that they not only work as educational tools, but they stand out. Customers are used to getting the same types of sales presentations from every vendor—and here, we send them a link and they’re dropped into an experience, through which they clearly grasp the benefits of the medical device.”

Patrick Murphy
Director, Oncology Portfolio, Brainlab

How a top med tech company increased sales by 6%

“Level Ex did a nice job of blending exceptional game development with the right amount of medical guidance and industry input so that what we were creating was exceptionally authentic. It was entertaining, but it was equally realistic.”

Miles Curro
Medtronic Senior Director of Global Marketing for Airway Management

In the News

Check out what’s new and noteworthy at Level Ex.

Facebook Meta vs Apple Vision Pro Render Graphic Comparison
June 08, 2023 | BY Sam Glassenberg

Will Apple’s Vision Pro Give Medical VR Some Legs to Stand On?

A perspective from our CEO, Sam Glassenberg on the future implications of VR tech in healthcare and medical training.

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May 10, 2023 | BY Eric Gantwerker, MD - Level Ex VP, Medical Director

Ultrasound Part 2: Why Self-directed, Just-in-Time Training is So Important 

Discover the learning theory behind JIT and why astronauts and surgeons alike, benefit from the training approach.

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April 11, 2023 | BY Sam Dreyer, Product Manager, Med Tech at Level Ex

Revolutionizing Spine Surgery with Spine XR: A Comprehensive Guide

Explore the advantages of our interactive spine game. Which platform is right for you?

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