A Game made for anesthesiologists, CRNA~s~, and airway specialists

Airway Ex Hoarseness Case

Airway Ex is a free mobile app that combines thrilling medical cases with just-in-time training in ultra-realistic virtual anatomy. Dose anesthetics, monitor patients, perform challenging airway procedures, explore mechanisms of action, sharpen your decision-making skills on a range of virtual patients, and earn free CME as you play.

Game overview

Level up your intubation skills

Airway Ex AR Intubation: McGRATH MAC Video Laryngoscope Case and Airway Ex Adult Intubation: Glottic Tumor Case

Airway Ex is packed with real cases submitted by experts. Navigate obstructed airways or investigate puzzling diagnoses and rare complications using the latest tools, recreated with full functionality: range of motion, lens optics, and scope behaviors.

risk-free training

When intubating a patient, there is no room for error. Airway Ex helps you prepare for every scenario that could present itself. Try your hand at rare and specialized forms of intubation that are critical for managing difficult airways, but not often seen in everyday practice.

Airway Ex COVID Quandary Case
Airway Ex Rare Supraglottic Tumor Case
Airway Ex Adult Intubation: Glottic Tumor Case
Airway Ex Nasal Intubation


Airway Ex Unit One Case Menu Screen and Airway Ex Adult Intubation: Glottic Tumor Case Overview

Why sit through a lecture or conference when you can play your way to free CME? Airway Ex takes the stress out of earning CME credits. Play CME levels covering topics such as glottic tumors, pediatric intubation, large obstructing tumors, and more for free anytime, anywhere. Once completed, we will email the certificate of credit to you!

what our players are saying

Learn what our players are saying about the Airway Ex experience.

After using this app I got several compliments on my technique/skills driving the fiber-optic for several intubations…Having used it for over a year now, I can fully say that this app is an amazing idea/trainer.

App Store Reviewer

Entertaining! Great app for becoming familiar with the normal airway anatomy as well as the abnormal. Impressive graphics and control sensitivity.

App Store Reviewer

I find the app to be a unique and interactive way to visualize the anatomy I am constantly assessing and treating in my practice.

App Store Reviewer

Features like you’ve never experienced before

Airway Ex is more than a mobile game. It’s the ultimate training tool. Explore conditions, devices, procedures, and techniques in a risk-free environment and enrich your expertise with this interactive medical resource developed by anesthesiologists, for anesthesiologists.

Free CME

Earn Free CME Credits

Free CME, accessible anytime in its own designated area, and real-time feedback in the game to better understand medical cases and your score.

Airway Ex Covid-19 Cases

Covid-19 Cases

Manage compromised airways in COVID-19 patients. Navigate virtual intubation scenarios to help maximize safety & minimize the risk of spread.

Airway Ex Patient Monitoring Challenges

Patient Monitoring Challenges

Gain practice monitoring & tailoring anesthesia. Manage four patients simultaneously & see if you can keep them all in the optimal zone, despite varying tools & time constraints.

Airway Ex Real Anesthesiology Cases

Real Anesthesiology Cases

Intubate virtual patients in realistic virtual OR settings. Levels are inspired by real anesthesiology cases informed by experts in the field—ranging from common to rare.

Airway Ex In-game Tools

The Latest Tools

The latest tools, recreated with full functionality: range of motion, lens optics, and scope behaviors.

Airway Ex Real Time Feedback Feature

Real-time Feedback

Replay cases anytime to improve your accuracy, navigation, speed, damage, and device competency.

Free to Play

Absolutely Free

Airway Ex is available for free on the App Store and Google Play Store. There are no paywalls, subscription fees, or in-app purchases. It’s completely free.

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