A game made for pulmonologists

Pulm Ex Viral Vengeance Case

Pulm Ex is a free mobile game made by pulmonologists, for pulmonologists. Our game designers worked with experts in the field to create ultra-realistic virtual patient cases from foreign object removal to complex diagnoses. Perfect your technique while exploring tools & medical devices—this is pulmonology in the palm of your hand.

Game overview

Common to rare cases

Pulm Ex Capital Disaster Case and Pulm Ex Viral Vengeance Case

Pulm Ex features unforeseen and rare complications: foreign object removal, life-threatening and burdensome obstructive and restrictive airway diseases, diagnosis cases, endobronchial masses, lung cancers, and more.

ultra-realistic anatomy

Pulm Ex features lifelike airways that bleed and respond to touch thanks to our award-winning, ultra-realistic fluid and tissue simulations that deliver unparalleled medical realism to every procedure. Our computational fluid dynamics mimic the movement and behaviors of blood, mucus, and more. Soft tissue moves and reacts to every tool, allowing you to cut, ablate, and inject wherever you choose.

Pulm Ex Bloody Business Case
Pulm Ex Viral Vengeance Case
Pulm Ex Capital Disaster Case
Pulm Ex Argon Plasma Practice Case

Game-changing cme

Pulm Ex Case Selection Menu and Carpenter's Conundrum Case Overview

Clinical Levels

Pulm Ex Nagging Nasality Case and Actions Menu

Flex your deductive reasoning skills as you narrow down diseases to arrive at diagnosis options to maximize patient health and satisfaction before time runs out. Clinical levels feature Nagging Nasality, Confounding Cough, and more.

what our players are saying

I guarantee you every single one of my colleagues has a game or two on their phone that they play during whatever level of downtime. So, instead of killing zombies for a few minutes, why don’t you go and become a better doctor?

Kyle Hogarth, MD, FCCP
Interventional Pulmonologist and Professor of Medicine

This game is absolutely incredible. I’m enchanted ten minutes in.

Google Play Reviewer

The graphics are better than anything I’ve ever seen before! I thought it was real!

App Store Reviewer

Amazing graphics, really immersive gameplay, and very realistic. Beautiful work, game developers.

Google Play Reviewer

Features like you’ve never experienced before

Pulm Ex provides endless opportunities to perfect technique and skill in thrilling cases designed to entertain, refresh, and challenge pulmonologists.

Free CME

Earn Free CME Credits

Pulm Ex Covid-19 Cases

Covid-19 Cases

Successfully identify COVID-19 & differentiate mimicking diseases. Sharpen your diagnostic & emergency decision-making skills.

Pulm Ex Oncology Challenges

Oncology Challenges

Visualize the science behind biomarker testing in the treatment of cancer. Perform biopsies of a virtual patient and test for biomarkers to determine a course of treatment.

Pulm Ex Extreme Task Training

Extreme Task Training

Navigate smoothly inside sharp recreations of the trachea and bronchial tree using full-screen immersion and sophisticated controls.

Pulm Ex In Game Tools

In-Game Tools

Hone your precision and decision-making with forceps, APC, saline administration/suction—plus new medical devices and drug therapies.

Free to Play

Absolutely Free

Pulm Ex is available for free on the App Store and Google Play Store. There are no paywalls, subscription fees, or in-app purchases. It’s completely free.

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