Award-Winning Simulations and Visualization Technologies

Our solutions are founded on pioneering technologies that far outpace the rest of the industry. Utilizing this revolutionary technology, we have created an acclaimed set of tools comprising the most realistic real-time simulation and visualization technologies in healthcare. Our exclusive cloud platform and intensively optimized software drive these technologies, enabling medical professionals to perform virtual surgery with incredible realism on any device, headset, or web browser.

Improve and accelerate how clinicians worldwide master your technology, hone skills, and practice procedures

Transformational Tech at Your Fingertips

These technologies accelerate adoption of medical devices by presenting scenarios where use of the device is most beneficial. Additionally, they accelerate device mastery by recreating a range of scenarios where medical professionals typically struggle. Whether seen under X-ray, ultrasound, or through visualizations that don’t exist in real life, these technologies quickly instill an intuitive understanding of a device’s benefits and proper use.


Our extensive work with NASA has resulted in the most realistic interactive ultrasound simulation platform in the world. This technology is utilized for ultrasound-guided procedures, astronaut training, and various other uses across specialties. Games built on top of this technology are used to hone professional technique and instill an intuitive mental model for ultrasound manipulation and imagery—mastery that is typically only achieved through years of practice on live patients.

  • Cutting-edge interactive simulation: Physics-based real-time ultrasound simulation including simulated backscatter, wave propagation, speckle, and realistic interactions with a range of participating media.
  • Realistic artifacts: Realistic ultrasound artifacts including ringdown and acoustic shadowing that aren’t ‘layered on top’ as they would be in other ultrasound ‘simulators’—the artifacts actually emerge from the simulation.
  • Accurate results: Validated against phantom tissue analogs.
  • Real patient data: Generate realistic ultrasound response from voxelized patient data or procedurally-generated data.
  • Robust transducer parameters: Accurately recreates transducers of any shape, resolution, and capability.


Our deep expertise in advanced game mechanics and design makes us uniquely qualified to create high-fidelity, hands-on training for cutting-edge surgical technology—no OR necessary. The result is an immersive, fully interactive surgical workflow that can incorporate X-ray, fluoroscopy, angiogram, ultrasound, and more into the experience. These workflows guide clinicians through the intricacies of a procedure to master tools, build confidence, and sharpen skills anytime, anywhere.

  • Precise recreation: Machines are replicated with complete accuracy by converting your CAD files into file types that run smoothly—even on older mobile devices.
  • Complex workflows: Familiarize players with how to use a robotic device to its maximum potential.
  • Software support: Beyond the device itself, users are able to experience the UI and software screens that control the robot – before having to touch the system themselves.


Award-winning, ultra-realistic fluid and tissue simulations deliver unparalleled medical realism to every procedure. Our computational fluid dynamics mimic the movement and behaviors of blood, mucus, and more. Soft tissue moves and reacts to every tool, allowing clinicians to cut, cauterize, and inject lifelike anatomy. These fluids and tissues can be visualized under any modality including ultrasound and X-ray. Under visible light, our proprietary skin rendering technology creates high-resolution imagery of any skin disorder on any region of the body and any skin tone.

  • Real-time fluid dynamics: Laminar, volumetric, vascular, and viscous fluids that mix realistically and interact with moving tissues and tools.
  • Real-time tissue physics: Soft and hard tissues of all types that can be pulled, cut, cauterized, and inflated.
  • Hybrid simulation: Combined offline and real-time simulation capabilities allow fine-grained control of simulation behavior.
  • Ultra-realistic tissue surfaces: Accurate simulation of light scattering and reflecting through different tissue layers.
  • Lifelike skin rendering: Recreates skin disease manifestations across layers—accurately recreating any skin disease, on any body part, at any severity, under any lighting. environment, on any skin tone


Our technology reveals information and concepts that go well beyond what the eye can see. To instill mental models of complex systems, we deliberately create mind-blowing anatomical and cross-sectional views—from visualizing an invisible radiation beam dangerously penetrating a heart to illustrating how spine vertebrae subtly displace from a reference array during surgery.

  • Fully customizable visualization: Reimagine thermal patterns, displacement, thickness, rigidity, blood loss, or any other characteristic.
  • Ultrasound and X-ray remapping capabilities: Remap to any color palette, emphasizing key information during an interactive, virtual procedure.

Experience It For Yourself

Put the power of your device or technology into the hands of any clinician, anytime, anywhere with a Level Ex experience powered by Remote Play™ —the first and only cloud-based gaming platform for healthcare.

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

Remote Play™ 

Put the power of your device or technology into the hands of any clinician, anytime, anywhere with a Level Ex experience powered by Remote Play™ —the first and only cloud-based gaming platform in healthcare.
Immerse clinicians in visually breathtaking, highly-interactive, collaborative experiences in an instant—on any device from anywhere in the world—using the power of the cloud. Captivate your medical professionals and accelerate the adoption of your products with Remote Play™ -enabled content.

  • Incredible graphics and physics: From ultra-realistic virtual patients to mechanism-of-action games involving hundreds of thousands of molecules—leave a memorable impression on your audience when you’re no longer limited by technology.

  • Instant-on…worldwide: Send a link or a QR code, and everyone is transported into experience in seconds.

  • No barriers: No apps. No downloads. Access a fully interactive high-end experience that loads as easily as a web video.

  • Omnichannel interactivity: Integrates seamlessly into websites, emails, social posts, Zoom/Teams/Veeva sessions, webinars, in-person detailing, and conference booths.

  • Scalable multiplayer: Scales smoothly from single-player to 400-person collaborative multiplayer and brings your experience to tens of thousands of users on a website, hundreds of users competing at a symposium, or a surgical team performing a procedure in a virtual OR.

Rally a Conference Crowd

AR / VR Headset Solutions
AR, VR, XR, Mixed Reality, Spine Procedure on Magic Leap 2 Headset

Our team of experts has created dozens of captivating AR/VR and mixed reality games for the world’s most ambitious life sciences companies, medical device companies, and medical societies, delivering measurable results—dramatically increasing reach, traffic, sales, and engagement time. These games have explored topics spanning surgery, pharmaceutical mechanism of action, and clinical study data.

  • Supported platforms: HTC Vive, Oculus, Magic Leap, Microsoft Hololens, Apple ARKit, Android ARCore, Holographic displays.
  • Cross-platform play: Deploys smoothly across multiple platforms, including our proprietary cloud gaming system.
  • True simulation: Creates an authentic experience with real-time computational fluid dynamics, soft-tissue simulation, X-ray, and ultrasound.
  • Cutting edge development: Leads the way by delivering medical content for launches such as Apple ARKit and Google ARCore.

Identify the Right Patient at the Right Time

Patient ID Game

Educate doctors on which patients are indicated for your procedure and at what point in their journey. Have a conversation with each virtual patient to reveal evidence and convince them to pursue the best treatment or procedure.

  • Decision-making skill development support: Place clinicians in challenging clinical scenarios to determine the best course of action.
  • Right timing education: Identify the ideal moment in a patient journey for your procedure.
  • Clinical best practices reinforcement: Help clinicians build mental models of the right clinical criteria, checklists, and/or guidelines to recommend the procedure.
  • More effective conversations: Show clinicians how to get more out of their interactions with the patient—first to reveal the problem and then convince them to pursue the best treatment.
  • Diagnosing confidence: Flex clinician’s diagnosing asumen for conditions that present with often overlooked or misunderstood signs and symptoms or require careful trade-offs.
  • Patient base expansion: Broaden the eligible patient base by allowing clinicians to practice on a wide range of patient profiles to build confidence in procedure recommendation.

Play Our Games

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